Best Video Editing Apps for Android Devices

To edit a video, long ago, you needed a good computer with a powerful graphics card, lots of RAM and a high level processor. But today, with an average smartphone you can achieve the same results.

Editing Video

Obviously, to make a movie and other professional work, it is still advisable to use a specific computer, but for most of the videos we record and share with our friends, a smartphone or a tablet are enough for us to edit videos.

Previously we have seen the wide variety of mobile applications designed for video editing. Today we’ll see what, in my opinion, are the six most practical, complete and easy to use Google Video editors you’ll find on Google Play.

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Adobe Premiere Clip

If you are looking for professional results in a standard environment, the first option is Adobe Premiere Clip, Android mobile version of one of the most popular video editors in professional environments, Adobe Premiere.

This Android app fits your needs. If you want something fast, you just have to choose the video, the soundtrack and go. If you want to customize the editing, you can cut and reorder scenes, apply transitions, transition effects and visual effects, among other advanced editing functions.

Thinking that most of our videos are for sharing with our contacts, Adobe Premiere Clip allows you to upload the videos to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube or even send them to the desktop version of Adobe Premiere.


If a professional solution pulls you back, the best domestic option is Magisto, app that we have already talked about in other articles as both mobile app and web application available from the browser.

Maybe its motto is something pretentious, “a magical videoeditor”, but it is not so far from reality, and is that Magisto for Android automates most tasks.

For starters, you just have to record a video or save it to your device and Magisto, from the soundtrack you choose and the title, will mount it on its own, cutting scenes and organizing them automatically.

If the result you do not like always you can opt for the traditional edition, seasoned by filters, effects, automatic transitions and other automatic retouching.

Finally, Magisto is responsible for sharing the video on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube or leave it in its own gallery or in the Android.


The manufacturer of GoPro cameras, which stand out for being very useful in natural or adventure environments and offering very good quality recording with little effort, has its own tool to include in this selection of video editors.

Quik lives up to its name, similar to quick, since in a few minutes you’ll get a good video from video fragments or photos from your Android gallery or Google Photos, Facebook or even GoPro Plus, if you have a GoPro.

Like Magisto, Quik automatically mounts, selecting highlights and including transitions and effects on your own, without having to intervene and thanks to more than 20 preconfigured video styles.

At the end of the video, it includes a soundtrack. For your part, you only have to include text and, if you wish, change the music and add more filters.


Another good desktop video editor that also leaps to mobile devices is FilmoraGo, which with an easy-to-learn environment allows you to create professional videos with little effort.

Download its PC based version here

Like Magisto and Quik, FilmoraGo takes care of the editing process. You just have to choose what theme you want to apply to your videos or selection of pictures and FilmoraGo will add music, filters and transitions with amazing results.

When you finish, you can upload the result to Instagram or YouTube, plus Facebook, Vimeo, Tumblr or even through WhatsApp.


A desktop video editor on a mobile device with the advantages of touch technology and without the drawbacks of screen size. This is KineMaster.

At all times you will see the video and a timeline where to organize the fragments, cut a video in several parts, integrate audio, effects or posters of text, etc.

To take advantage of all its functions you will need a mid-range, medium-high device, but in return you will have a multi-layer video editor with very complete customization and editing functions, transition effects and video and audio, among many other options.

Why Play Pump Paintball?

Many paintballers just don’t get it. If you have ever been in a field rocking your pump and had someone come up to you and automatically think you are a “newbie,” or hear them whisper, “Man, I hope THAT guy isn’t on my team,” you know what I’m talking about.

For anyone wondering why in the world anyone would actually WANT to play pump paintball, here are a few reasons.

1- Play pump for the challenge – Let’s face it. It is much easier to play paintball and get more eliminations while wielding the fastest electronic paint slinger. Paintballs aren’t the most accurate projectiles, so to make up for it, many use the ol’ accuracy by volume tactic. However, for those that thrive on being the underdog, and live for a challenge, one-shot-one-pump paintball is the way to go.

2- Play pump to get better – You have to play smart, take better shots, and find better angles to be successful with a pump. The disadvantages of playing with a pump force you to compensate by playing smarter. As the old African proverb says, “a calm sea does not make a skilled sailor.” Bring on the biggest baddest waves… and then shoot ’em in the crests!

3- Play pump to save money – This one is easy to understand. With a pump, it is harder to shoot more paint, because you have to pump before you shoot. Playing pump paintball will save you money on paintballs, and you’ll use less air.

4- Play pump to have fun – Playing with a pump feels cool, and is a whole lot of fun, especially against other pumpers. When playing an all pump game, the game changes. You can make more aggressive moves, and do things you normally wouldn’t be able to do against semi-automatics.

5- Play pump for those moments of satisfaction – When you take out someone with a 20 bps paintball gun with one shot, it is satisfying.

6- Play pump for good karma – You don’t need to plaster someone in the paint to get them out. When you are playing walk on with a bunch of beginners, playing with a pump helps to give you more of a challenge, and also makes them feel more comfortable playing against you. It damages our sport when a beginner with a rental gets completely wasted head to toe by an excessively aggressive 20 bps paintballer. With a pump, you can’t sneeze and accidentally squeeze a stream of 6 paintballs off. The damage that can be done with an electro far exceeds what can be done with a pump.

What are your reasons for playing pump paintball, or if you don’t, what are your reasons for not playing pump paintball?

Best Osaki Massage Chairs Reviews

Osaki Massage chairs were firstly introduced in USA market as durable and cost-effective massage chairs. They have got a significant number of customers with great ratings than any other chair in the market. Osaki massage chairs are very simple to use, and consumers love them. They are tough and last for a longer lifespan. By far, there are no massage chair manufacturers that have been successful in matching up with the durability and performance of Osaki chairs and prices. The main thing that entices the users is “Amazing features and Low Prices”. This factor gives Osaki a huge business every year.

Best Osaki Massage Chairs Reviews

These chairs have been designed and engineered perfectly with creativity. Due to this reason it serves you with maximum comfort and multiple functions. Osaki Company always tests the durability of their products before releasing them to the market. They undergo a deep reliability and performance check to ensure that people like you, who are seeking best massage chairs, get the desired experience with a cost-effective solution, by the way MassageTut has great collection of top massage chairs. They have specially designed and cutting edge products that test the capability of the chairs at the extreme levels. Osaki’s extensive resources and their “Research and Development” team have made it possible to manufacture such great products for you.

After their successful market in The USA, they scaled up their company to international level. Now, they have their facilities listed worldwide in big countries like Europe, China, US, UK and some other as well. The massage chairs are shipped directly to the US customers. These chairs are a blend of high quality, the extensive and sleek design that adds up décor in your house, and coordinate with other furniture as well. The company has named worldwide, and many big brands of massage chairs are competing with it. The most appealing thing is its price that is nothing as compared to its features.

If you are getting a massage chair of another brand for $1000, then for the same features you’ll get it for as less than $700. The company’s history and customers tell us the truth about its high-quality products. So, here are 3 of the best Osaki Massage Chairs of 2016 with the most affordable prices.

1) Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair features six elegant colors. It’s the advanced zero gravity shiatsu massage chair with over 18 unique features that are automatically programmable from a user-friendly control panel. It gives you the great massage services like therapy, circulation, relaxation, smart and a demo.
Apart from Shiatsu, you can also adjust the panel to Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Rolling and Combo. You can enjoy a full body massage.

2) Osaki OS-1000 Affordable Deluxe Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-1000 Affordable Deluxe Massage Chair is a powerful massage self-therapist with five easy to use programs that are the health care, full body relax, therapy and neck or shoulder massage. It offers kneading, tapping and rolling with six different levels to adjust the power of the machine.

3) Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair

Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair comes in black color with leather material that is durable. You would enjoy the health care, full bodies relax, and therapy and neck/shoulder massage functions. It can be your virtual massage therapist that offers kneading, tapping, and rolling features.

Top 7 Websites That Provide Free Web Hosting Services

Top 7 Free Web Hosting Providers

Well, Guys! A few days back we received some emails from our readers requesting to make a list of top websites that provide free web hosting services all over the web. So, as you may all know that we always respect our reader’s reviews and requests so, keeping in mind that today we are going to reveal Top 7 Websites That Provide Free Web Hosting Services.

So, before wasting more of your time, we would like you to move straight forward towards the Top 7 Free Web Hosting Providers.

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3- 000Web Host

000Web Host

4- Free Hostia

Free Hostia

5- Byet Host

Byet Host

6- Yola


7- Wix


Last Words!

So Guys! These were Best And Top 7 Websites That Provide Free And Reliable Web Hosting Services. We hope you liked and understood everything. Please visit these and take a look at there further features, then chose those who are most suitable for you. We will meet in our next post till then, Happy Blogging & Take A Lots Of Care!

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Chat rooms for people not feeling well

Stress is the reason that everyone faces nowadays because of busy routine. We can work in a good environment but still faces stresses in our daily life. Stress cannot be reduce other than we find the leisure time and spare the time. It can make relaxation of ourselves and we have enough time to manage and reduce the stress. People are so much irritated by the things we do in our daily life we are so much irritated. People who are complicated and face the complexity in real life need environment where they interact with people of their own choices. What could be that sources where we can spend our life with calm and people of our choice. It is essential for them to be in contact and make it worth how can you make your journey better than ever before it can easily be reduced when you talk with the people share your all worries with everyone.

Chat rooms to make friends

Chat sites are the way we choose when we regret and find better place for our calm and reliability. It can re-arrange the things and cannot be sort out until you find it on different chat platforms online. Many websites are available like facebook, badoo, twitter and other chatting websites which can simply help you to sort out the things. How can you search for the better chat room just google it and find it out. It can identify by the best chat platform sites. Chat sites can easily be found out by simply searching on the google and many other search engines. We can go to any chat room of our choice where people come and spend time with us!

Are you fed up of your stress?

There are many medical therapies which can suit you and you can talk with other people to share of thoughts. It can help you to find out more easily to chat with everyone online for free. There are many chat rooms for people not feeling well. It is essential for them to be in contact and make it worth how can you make your journey better than ever before it can easily be reduced when you talk with the people share your all worries with everyone. Songs are also played in the online rooms so that you can easily chill out in the rooms and play your own choice songs very easily.

Another method to find a better place to chat is Whatsapp group chat, but the problem is that it reveals your name and number in front of all group members, no matter they have you in their friend list or not; because of this your profile picture and whatsapp status is visible to all of them and this could be a severe privacy issue. If you’ve no problem in sharing your info then you must have a decent DP and a good whatsapp status, better to get one from Online websites like this one. How can you make it possible? just Google the best platforms online to make it worth. You can easily find some best rooms online where you fade out your all worries.

Be in contact with new friends

You can find lots of friends from your region and out of your region you also can select people of your own choice. Simply it can say that people make their own company of friends of their own choices. You must find new friends more to switch and contact with them whenever you need them in your good and bad times. It can make your proud and more impressive.