Why Play Pump Paintball?

Many paintballers just don’t get it. If you have ever been in a field rocking your pump and had someone come up to you and automatically think you are a “newbie,” or hear them whisper, “Man, I hope THAT guy isn’t on my team,” you know what I’m talking about.

For anyone wondering why in the world anyone would actually WANT to play pump paintball, here are a few reasons.

1- Play pump for the challenge – Let’s face it. It is much easier to play paintball and get more eliminations while wielding the fastest electronic paint slinger. Paintballs aren’t the most accurate projectiles, so to make up for it, many use the ol’ accuracy by volume tactic. However, for those that thrive on being the underdog, and live for a challenge, one-shot-one-pump paintball is the way to go.

2- Play pump to get better – You have to play smart, take better shots, and find better angles to be successful with a pump. The disadvantages of playing with a pump force you to compensate by playing smarter. As the old African proverb says, “a calm sea does not make a skilled sailor.” Bring on the biggest baddest waves… and then shoot ’em in the crests!

3- Play pump to save money – This one is easy to understand. With a pump, it is harder to shoot more paint, because you have to pump before you shoot. Playing pump paintball will save you money on paintballs, and you’ll use less air.

4- Play pump to have fun – Playing with a pump feels cool, and is a whole lot of fun, especially against other pumpers. When playing an all pump game, the game changes. You can make more aggressive moves, and do things you normally wouldn’t be able to do against semi-automatics.

5- Play pump for those moments of satisfaction – When you take out someone with a 20 bps paintball gun with one shot, it is satisfying.

6- Play pump for good karma – You don’t need to plaster someone in the paint to get them out. When you are playing walk on with a bunch of beginners, playing with a pump helps to give you more of a challenge, and also makes them feel more comfortable playing against you. It damages our sport when a beginner with a rental gets completely wasted head to toe by an excessively aggressive 20 bps paintballer. With a pump, you can’t sneeze and accidentally squeeze a stream of 6 paintballs off. The damage that can be done with an electro far exceeds what can be done with a pump.

What are your reasons for playing pump paintball, or if you don’t, what are your reasons for not playing pump paintball?

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